Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Loyola College of Education

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

  Orientation programme for the staff and the students on 'TIME MANAGAMENT'.

  Special talk on 'TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS' for the academic and administrative staff and the students.

  One-day training on office administration and campus management for the administrative staff at Puduchery.

  One-day training on 'ICT for the Visually Impaired' at RCDA, Loyola College.

  The staff assessment by the students and the peers.

 Parent's evaluation of the college.

 Orientation on 'HOW TO FACE THE INTERVIEW PANEL' for the students.

No Name Members
1 Principal Chairperson
2 Mrs. Caroline Maria Co-Ordinator
3 Mr. Antony Joseph Asst. Co-ordinator
4 Mrs. Emilda Josephine Member
5 Mr. Arul Martin J Member
6 Dr.Bernard 'D' Samy Member
7 Dr.P.Thomas - PRO Member
8 Mrs.S.HebiPappa Member

NAAC Steering Committee : 2015 -2016

No Name Members
1 Dr.A.J.A. RajakumariAmirthaGowri Principal
2 Rev. Fr. F.X.Dominic Royce, S.J Secretary
3 Mrs Beulah Jayarani.C Staff
4 Mrs. Caroline Maria.M  Staff
5 Sr. Irudhaya Mary Staff
6 Mr. Vinnaras.N Staff