Research Forum

Loyola College of Education

Research Forum

The college with an aim to promote and imbue a spirit of research has set up the Loyola College of Education Research Forum (LCERF). The forum aims to help the faculty in their research endeavors and to conduct minor or major research projects in the field of education also seeks to develop and promote interdisciplinary research.

  To create a conducive environment for Research and Innovative activities

  Strengthen school-college of education interaction by promoting consultancy, experimenting and need based research & innovation activities in the institute

  Expand research endeavors and research portfolio of the Faculty

  Manage Minor and Major research projects

  Initiate Collaborative Research

  Promote research articles in Pedagogy and Perspectives of Education

  Promote research articles for Journals and Academic Writing

  Arrange a workshop on SPSS, writing research paper, publication of articles and project proposals

  Inform about the various research programs in relation to pedagogy

  Publishing articles in sage, Scopus indexed, UGC approved journals (CARE List)

  Manage Minor and Major research projects

  Submit a project proposal to funding agencies

  Submit completed research project

  Action research in their respective Pedagogy

  Choose problematic areas for students and finding out strategies to overcome it

  Preparing Research committee annual report for the College Report and Magazine

  Maintain a file of records and correspondence to pass on to the next coordinator

No Name Designation Members
1 Dr. L. Kulandai Theresal Principal Chair Person
2 Dr. T Ponmalini Asst. Prof. of perspective in education Coordinator
3 Dr. A.JasmineChristy Asst. Prof. of Mathematics Education Asst. Coordinator
4 Dr. C Beulah Jayarani Asst. Prof. of Biological Science Education Member
5 Dr. H.A.Anbuselvi Asst. Prof. of Commerce Education Member
6 Dr. Y Elin Shibi Asst. Prof. of Physical Science Education Member
7 Dr. S Pondyselvi Asst. Prof. of History Education. Member
8 Dr. E Karthikeyan Asst. Prof. of English education Member
9 Dr. A. Suresh Babu Asst. Prof. of Tamil education Member
10 Dr.V.Ajantha Asst.Prof. of Perspective in Education Member
11 *** ***   Member (Student)
12 *** ***   Member (Student)
S. No. Name of the Activity Timeline
1 One day Faculty Development Programme 2nd week of February
2 One day Faculty Development Programme 4th week of February
3 Identification of Problem & Selection of Topic 1st week of March
4 Preliminary work 2nd week of March
5 One day Faculty Development Programme 4th week of March
6 Completion of Research Proposal 3rd week of April
7 Research Process 2nd week of May
8 3 days Faculty Development Programme 1st week of June
9 Chapter Preparation 2nd week of June
10 1st Draft 4th week of July
11 2nd Draft 2nd week of August
12 Research Discussion 3rd week of August
13 Final Draft 2nd week of September
14 Publication 4th week of September
15 Follow up Process 1st week of October
16 Planning for the next calendar year 2nd week of October
17 Paper work for report preparation 1st week of November
18 Report Submission 4th week of November
19 Orientation Programme for the research work 1st week of December
20 Research Discussion 2nd week of December
S.No. Date Programme Name Details
1 13.02.2021 Faculty Development Programme

A faculty development programme on research and publication ethics was conducted by Loyola Institute of Business Administration on 13th February 2021 from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. 15 staff from Loyola College of Education, Chennai actively participated in the webinar. The registration fee for the staff was funded by the college management.
The programme began with the introduction being given by Rev. Fr. Joe Arun, Director, LIBA who spoke about the necessity of ethics in research and gave a very poignant introduction about the idea of ethics in research and its needs. This was followed by the first session conducted by Dr.Rajalakshmi, Senior Research Associate at LIBA. She mainly spoke about the idea of research misconduct and the various ideas like fabrication, falsification and plagiarism in research. She spoke in detail about ideas on salami publishing and simultaneous publishing by using various case studies. She illustrated in detail about the problems that exist in the publishing industry.
The second session began with the viewing of the video Publish or Perish made by Centre of Biomedical ethics and Culture, SIUT, Karachi, Pakistan. After the viewing of video the participants were divided into small groups and they discussed the various issues they found on the video. After the discussion a member of each group was chosen to consolidate the points and to present it in the common forum.
The third session was conducted by Dr. Deepak Mathivathanan, Assistant Professor, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, LIBA. He spoke on open access publishing, green road, repositories for research and the various categories of journals. He spoke on the various types of database like indexing database and citation database. He explained about the research metrics with illustrations. He also gave a good introduction to the turnitin software and also demonstrated it to the participants by asking them to send a writeup and gave an analysis of it to each one. The vote of thanks was given by Dr.Rajalakshmi and the faulty development programme came to an end at 4.30 p.m.