Student Development

Loyola College of Education

Student Development

 Awareness Talk on Election & Election Commission on 01.04.2019 by Dr. Bernard D’ Samy, Co-ordinator of LISSTAR, Loyola College. .

  Awareness Camp on Eye Donation on 21-12-2018 by Lion. Dr. J. Ganesh, Charter President, Lions Club,Sivakasi.

 Visit to Sewage Recycling Plants & Bio-gas Plant, Loyola Campus on 15-12-2018

 Mock Fire Drill was conducted on 30-10-2018 by Mr. S. Babu, H-Tech Safety care, Fire Protection System & Services

 Awareness of AIDS, Donation of Organs and Blood was given to the student-teachers during Citizenship Camp.

 Awareness of Communicable Diseases by Apollo Shine Foundation help the students to understand the communicable diseases in April 2016.

  Awareness of health & hygienegiven as a preparationfor their rural immersion programme enable the student-teachers to talk about the importance of health & hygiene to the rural people.

 Vigilance Awareness Week Programme by Central Bank of India in October 2015 enlightens the minds of our students. The organisers conduct slogan competition and distribute the prizes to the winners.

 Awareness ofthe need to protect the Mother Earth and nature is given to the student-teachers.
 Workshop on Emotional Intelligence was organized on 19-10-2019. byMs.ShanthiRajan, University of Stirling at Ras Al Khaimah,UAE.

 Workshop on VITAL (Value Integrated Teaching And Learning) was conducted on11.03.2019 by Mrs. Suguna& Ms. Priya.

 Story telling Workshop forI& II year students on29.01.2019 & 02.02.2019 respectively by Dr. Eric Miller,Co-ordinator, World’s Storytelling, NGO.Prof. Ruth, NGO Member, California, USA.

 Demonstration on Individual Pair Small group method on 08-12-2018 by Dr. S. Thangasamy, Vice Chancellor of TNTEU.

 Training Programme in Drawing (Drama and Art in Education) on 23-11-2018 by Bro. Thomas Alva Edison, S.J

  Workshop on Placement Training on 18.02.2019.Resource Persons: 1. Rev. Dr. Albert Williams, S.J. Director, LIMCOS, Loyola College.2. Dr. Xavier Raj, Professor of Entrepreneurship Management, LIBA.3. Dr. Sekar, Headmaster, MMDA Govt.Hr.Sec.School.4. Ms. T. Premakumari, Vice Principal, St. Britto’s Mat. Hr. Sec.School.

 Guidance &Counselling: A two day workshop on Guidance and Counselling by Jesuit Centre for Counselling (JESCCO) was organised exclusively for the student-teachers in April 2016. Counselling sessions by Dr.Emmanuel, SJ is arranged to married student-teachers and to flood affected victims to enjoy good mental health.

 Self-awareness and Personality Development: In the very beginning of the academic year self-awareness and personality development programme conducted for enabling the student-teachers to discover themselves and to strengthen their personality.

 Value Education: A one day workshop on Value Education was conducted by Institute of Dialogue with Cultures and Religions (IDCR) in collaboration with Loyola College of Education on 29th April 2016 for the

 National Integration, Safety and Security of School Children, and Learning Strategies: A day workshop on National Integration, Safety and Security of School Children, and Learning Strategies was conducted by Dr. M. Periyakaruppu of Research and Action Centre for National Integration and International Cooperation (RANIICO) on 9th April 2016. A Certificate of Participation was given to the student-teachers

  ICT Skills: A one day seminar cum workshop on ICT skills was organised on 19th March 2016. The student-teachers had a hands on experience

 Yoga: A one day workshop on YogabySr.Christie, a professional of yoga art was organised for the student-teachers on 18th March 2016. The student-teachers were given training in different asanas. The resource person conducted a guided meditation in which all the student-teachers took interest.

 Theatre Pedagogy: Introduction of Theatre Pedagogy as part of the curriculum to enable student-teachers to adopt theatre techniques for effective teaching-learning is one another important milestone in the annuls of Loyola College of Education. An eight day intensive workshop on Theatre Pedagogy by Mr.Shanmugaraja, Actor and Director of Nigazh was organised in August 2015. All the students took active interest in it and made use of them during practice teaching.
 Seminar on Socio-Cultural Analysis is arranged for the student-teachers to look at the society critically and understand the intricacies of the society in detail.

 Seminar on Time-management, Enhancing Teaching Skills, MHRD report and Environmental Concerns was organised on different occasions for student-teachers to be in touch with the current issues, to manage their daily schedule effectively and to improve their teaching competencies.

 Seminar on Pope’s Encyclical on “Laudato Si” was conducted and the student-teachers made posters displaying the quotes of Pope Francis.

 Seminar on Life Skills was organised to help the student-teachers to develop their soft skills.

 All the student-teachers participated in one day Seminar on Interreligious Harmony conducted by IDCRas well as in Symposium on Justice organised by Satya Nilayam.

 Seminar on “Global Changes in the present scenario” for 1st year students on 30-10-2018 by Dr. L. AugustinAmaladas, Head of the Department & Professor, St. Joseph College of Commerce, Bengaluru

 Seminar on “Mass Communication” by Prof. Suresh Paul & Dr. Chinnappan, HOD, VISCOM, Loyola College for 1st years on 01-08-2018.
  Talk on Preamble of Constitution and Fundamental Rights on 07-09-2018 by Dr. Bernard D’Sami, Co-ordinator, LISSTAR.

  Language, Writing & Numbers in the Human Brain on 01-09-2018 by Rev. Fr. William Robert D’ Silva, Senior Professor in Communications and Social Sciences.

  Special Talk on the ‘Life History of St. Ignatius’ on 24.07.2019 by Rev. Dr. Robin SahayaSeelan. SJ, Director, SathyaNilayam.

  Special Talk on “Child Protection” Organized by Women Cell on 14-11 -2018. Mrs. AdhilakshmiLogamurthy, BL, Advocate was invited as a resource person.

  Special Talk on Time Management on 12-10-2018 by Rev. Dr. Joe Arun, S.J., Director, St. Joseph’s Institute of Management (JIM), Trichy.

  Talk on ‘Pivotal Role of a Teacher’ on19-02-18by Rev. Dr. S. Sebastian, S.J. Secretary LCE.

  Interactive Sessions with Transgender enable the student-teachers to appreciate their goodness and develop an empathetic attitude towards them.

  Interactive Sessions with Film Directors like Bramma and Vettrimaran give the student-teachers a scope to look at the media critically and make an objective judgement about the themes portrayed.

  Interactive Sessions with Foreign educationists enable the student-teachers to kindle their curiosity to learn new things and to make a comparative study on Education system in Germany, France and China.
 Women Health & Family Integrityprogramme was conducted on 12-09-2018 by Dr. JoiceThilagam, Medical Officer of Homeopathy, Chennai Corporation.

 Medical Check-Up: With the help of Apollo Shine Foundation, a health Check-up was done to all the students and staff. RRC and YRC of the institution help in the smooth conduct of the programme.

 First Aid Certificate Courseis offered to the student-teachers by Apollo Shine Foundation in March 2016.
 Rural Immersion Camp for I year on 23rd to 28th Sept 2019. The student teachers were taken to Kilpennathur (AHAL), Tindivanam (JESIM) MITHRA accompanied by staff.

  Rural Immersion Camp on 23rd to 28th Sept 2018. First year students were divided into 4 groups as following:
1. MITHRA – Chennai
2. AHAL – Kilpennathur
3.Loyola Arts & Science – Vettavalam
4. JASIM – Tindivanam.

 The institution organises a six day rural immersion programme for the student-teachers (totally 120 students) at three different villages in Tiruvannamalai district from 26th to 31st December 2015. In order to understand the social realities, socio-cultural analysis is given to them. Local social activists enlighten the student-teachers on a particular social issue. They visit homes, converse with the elders, give an awareness programme and maintain a daily log of the activities.
 On 06th Feb 2019, 80 students visited Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School for deaf and dumb & Little Flower Convent Higher Secondary School for the blind located in G.N.Chetty Road, Chennai.25 students visited Mithra Rehabilitation Centre located in Anna Nagar, Chennai.70 students visited St. Louis Institute for the deaf and blind located in Adyar, Chennai.

  The institution provides an opportunity for the student-teachers (totally 40 students) to make a visit to Homes for Differently Abled, for Children and Street Children consecutively for six days from 26th Dec to 31st Dec.2015. The student-teachers stay whole day with the differently abled children and street children from 9.00am – 4.00pm. The primary purpose of such visits is to be with them; to observe the teaching-learning methodologies adopted for special children; and to assist the street children in their learning. The student-teachers also visit the RCDA at Loyola Campus to become familiar with the modern tools
Fr. Secretary and Principal asked the students to form a team of four members to collect the contribution from the students, staff and the management. The following relief materials were collected from the students, staff and the management of LCE. They were eight packs of clothes and two boxes of medicine and cash of Rs. 40,000. All were submitted to Professor Mrs. Rathna (Loyola Arts and Science) and we received the receipt for all submitted materials. The materials were distributed to the needy people.
During flood in Chennai in December 2015, our hostel students both men and women join hands with the students of Loyola College of Arts & Science and get involved in the flood relief work. One of the students shared that she could not keep quiet after seeing the plight of the people during floods in Chennai when being interviewed by The Times TV. The students contribute Rs.35,000/- towards the Flood Relief Fund. The institution visited the flood victims and provided those provisions and utensils, beddings and clothes.
The management allots Rs.60,000/- for noon meal scheme. It identifies the deserving men and women student-teachers with the help of the staff. There are about 20 students benefit from this noon-meal scheme. The management makes an arrangement with the hostel directors for providing the lunch to the student-teachers. They take their lunch in the respective hostel meant for men and women.
The management takes sincere efforts to help the student-teachers who would like to avail educational loan offered by Central Bank of India. One differently abled student has got educational loan
God Experience& Life Orientation is arranged every year for the student-teachers to renew themselves spiritually.
Concept Enrichment Programme is conducted by respective pedagogy teacher educator every year in the beginning of the academic year to refresh the memory of the student-teachers and to make them familiar with the basic concepts.